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Our Bloomington chapter 7 attorneys are well trained and professional debt relief professionals who can give individuals struggling with debt a free and no risk consultation review so you can speak over your options for dealing with the debts you owe. If you have been bothered by creditors attempting collection attempts, are facing wage garnishments, or are struggling with managing your finances filing chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy can help ease your stress.

To schedule a confidential evaluation with our local Bloomington insolvency attorneys by Clicking Here. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the easiest and fastest way of having your debt erased, and you will receive a fresh start to your finances. In most cases a chapter 7 bankruptcy will be over in 4 months and you will have all of your debt wiped out. You can also protect your assets from getting seized if they are listed under the bankruptcy exemptions.

To pay off a little bit of the debt that you owe to your creditors you can speak with the attorney about going bankrupt under chapter 13 of the bankruptcy code. A chapter 13 bankruptcy gives you a chance to repay a portion of your debts to your creditors over 36 to 60 months. Even though you only pay off a portion of your debt you will be completely debt free at the end of the chapter 13 bankruptcy payment plan.