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Bankruptcy and debt restructuring are complicated processes that have long term effects, both beneficial and adverse, on a person's life. The court process, dealing with creditors and the events leading up to the decision to take action involve financial and emotional issues. It is frequently a stressful, frustrating, and intimidating experience.

You should have an experienced and skillful attorney to represent you throughout that process.

Even an experienced bankruptcy attorney cannot foresee every difficulty that may arise in your unique case. The complexities of insolvency law are such that the services of an attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in that field is highly advisable.

We understand the strain that this process may put on you and your family. We are dedicated to personal service and our sympathetic staff is ready to help walk you through this difficult time. Since we understand your position, we approach each case with the compassion, dedication and heart that you deserve.

For more information or to see if bankruptcy is an option for you, please contact our office for a no obligation consultation.


Members of the firm and the staff are proficient in Polish, Swedish, German and other languages so we can help protect your rights in the US or abroad.