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Many people in Fort Lauderdale have serious debt problems but put off filing for bankruptcy in hopes their financial situation will change. In the meantime, stress increases, collection calls increase and the threat of wage garnishment get closer. I have assisted hundreds of people to file bankruptcy. The only regret I have heard is that they all wished they had filed bankruptcy sooner!

Fort Lauderdale chapter 7 bankruptcy allows the individual to have their debts wiped out in a fast and efficient manner. In most chapter 7 cases the bankruptcy is over - with all eligible debts eliminated - within 4 months. After the 4 months are up, you are ready to begin rebuilding your financial portfolio and credit rating. Most people are allowed, by law, to keep all of their belongings.

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Your next step to financial freedom is to set up a FREE, no obligation consultation with a bankruptcy attorney or if you prefer, you can request a FREE Evaluation by telephone.

Fort Lauderdale chapter 7 lawyers are skilled and professional attorneys who will provide you with a free and no risk consultation meeting to discuss your options for tackling your debt load. If you have been struggling with debt and creditors constantly contacting you and the threat of repossession filing a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you with your debt and will also stop harassing creditors attempting to collect money and any attempts at collection, wage garnishment or repossession.