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These Greenbelt bankruptcy lawyers are experienced Greenbelt bankruptcy attorneys, who will give you a free initial consultation. 
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We are professional bankruptcy lawyers, who devote our practice to bankruptcy in the Greenbelt area. We have helped hundreds of people get a fresh financial start and can help you too.

We understand the overwhelming stress caused by not being able to pay your debts. All good hardworking people want to pay their creditors and when they cannot it leads to severe stress, sleepless nights and even being apprehensive about answering the phone for fear it will be just another collector calling. There is also the concern that you will have collectors call you at work or even garnishee your wages.

A Greenbelt Chapter 7 Bankruptcy wipes out all a person's eligible debts usually within four months. In the vast majority of cases the debtor has no assets that he or she would lose. A Greenbelt Chapter 7 bankruptcy gives a person a relatively quick "fresh start".

A Greenbelt Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is for people who want to pay off part of their debts over a period of three to five years.

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