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Attorney Leonard Deming

New Hampshire Bankruptcy Lawyer

Leonard Deming has over 20 years experience as a lawyer and can represent debtors and creditors in any chapter under the bankrupcty code. A former Chapter 7 Trustee, he files all documents by CM/ECF (Case Management/Electronic Case Filing).

He has represented IRS Agents, military and police officers, lawyers, CPAs and virtually every other profession in obtaining relief under the bankruptcy code. He can represent you with the same sort of sensitive, non-judgmental capabilities he has rendered his clients over the years.

The Law Has Changed!

It's true that there are more hoops to jump through under the new laws and it's true that some people are going to have to file chapter 13 instead of Chapter 7. However, for the vast majority of filers Chapter 7 is still available with very little extra effort!

Attorney Leonard Deming can advise you as to ALL of your options.