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1.6 million people filed for bankruptcy in America in 2012. In addition many debtors enter into payment plans with credit counsellors. After they are free of their debt they are very anxious to rebuilt their credit yet often find it very difficult to get credit. In many cases they are denied credit not for any valid business reason but simply as a punitive measure or a poorly thought out bureaucratic rule.

Many of these people are good credit risks after their bankruptcy has been completed for two main reasons:

Most if not all their debt has been erased;

They are very anxious to re-build their good credit rating;

Debtors Love

The best measure of how relevant and useful users find a site is how long they stay on the site. Website surfers are notorious for clicking on a site, having a quick look and then clicking away. Visitors, on average in accordance with Google Analytics, stay on for over three and a half minutes. - Professional, Comprehensive and Authoritative was developed, designed and is operated by a trustee in bankruptcy.

Our goal has always been to have a bankruptcy site that is professional, comprehensive and authoritative. You will never find "pop-ups"; "pop-unders"; 3rd. Party advertisements or banner ads on We feel they are in bad taste, unprofessional and obtrusive.

Content is King - We strive to have the most comprehensive and authoritative content possible. Some of our key topics are:

• Voice messages on Personal Bankruptcy;

A business bankruptcy predictor;

A personal bankruptcy predictor;

• Chapter 7 & 13 bankruptcy information;

A downloadable application form;

How to petition a debtor into bankruptcy;

Credit bureau information;

Information on directors' liability;

Bankruptcy statistics;

• Bankruptcy and Proposal Videos;

Bankruptcy Action Blog;

• After Bankruptcy Lenders Directory;

• and much much more!

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