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logoMichael H. Schwartz & Associates. P.C., 914-997-0071
Toll Free: 1-800-666-9743

One Water Street, White Plains, NY 10601 USA
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logoLieber & Lieber, LLP, 212-949-5586
60 East 42nd Street, Suite 2102, New York, NY 10165 USA
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These White Plains bankruptcy lawyers are experienced White Plains bankruptcy attorneys, many of whom will give you a free initial consultation.
(Also Refer to: White Plains Bankruptcy FAQ's & Assets that can be kept; White Plains Bankruptcy Exemptions)

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The objective of this website is to provide people in White Plains, thinking about filing bankruptcy, the information he or she needs to make an informed decision. You will then have a good understanding of what the law allows when you meet with one of our White Plains Bankruptcy Attorneys.

A White Plains Chapter 7 Bankruptcy wipes out all a person's eligible debts usually within four months. In the vast majority of cases the debtor has no assets that he or she would lose. An White Plains Chapter 7 bankruptcy gives a person a relatively quick "fresh start".

A White Plains Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is for people who want to pay off part of their debts over a period of three to five years.

Visit our White Plains Bankruptcy FAQ's, which give information on most of your questions. If your questions are still not answered we have an "Ask our Bankruptcy Attorneys " feature so you can ask one of our White Plains bankruptcy attorneys in your area a question.

We have all the White Plains Bankruptcy Exemptions or assets you can keep in a bankruptcy.

When you are ready to see one of our White Plains Bankruptcy Attorneys we have a listing of White Plains Bankruptcy Attorneys.

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