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What You Get When You List with Us

• Responsive Design Website

We have programed BankruptcyAction.com so that the pages respond to the device it is being viewed on. If the site is viewed on a tablet, iPhone, laptop or large screen television the site will respond and be easily viewable and easy to navigate. In May, 2015, 33% of visitors to BankruptcyAction.com used mobile devices.

• Languages Buttons. Hovering over the buttons show all the languages spoken at your firm.   

video icon Videos - If you have a video on YouTube email us the link and we'll place it on your services description page. In order to retain the viewer's attention the video should be not more than about 60 seconds in length. Example

Firm Information
Your firm name, phone numbers, address, email address and website will be listed "first come, first served" under your town or city; Sample

A WebPage
With your firm name; phone number(s); address; email address; website; your firm logo; a picture, and up to 200 words of text describing your firm; services; experience or......?

The option of having text on your WebPage in a second language.

Your firm logo and picture can be emailed to me or you can reference what to use if they are on your website.

Unsolicited Testimonials:

The following are a few of the unsolicited testimonials we have received:

• "Third as for marketing, the best bang for the buck is BankruptcyAction.com .  :-) Please tell them that I sent you so that I get my free credit.  Seriously, for less than 30 per month it produces at least 3 or 4 clients a month, if not more."

• "I really appreciate BankruptcyAction.com.  It provides significantly more hits for a lot less money than Lawyers.com and Findlaw.com."

• "This is the best advertising money I've spent since opening my practice."

• "The best source that I have found,  is BankruptcyAction.com.  It costs about $20 per month and I get at least 4 calls or contacts per month, sometimes many more."

• "You have developed a great site and I am very pleased with your efforts."

• " … your site is awesome.  Comprehensive, current and informative.  I am getting 2-3 calls a week.  Keep up the great work."

• "We are quite happy with the number of referrals we currently get from your site."

• "...My experience with BankruptcyAction.com is the best I've had since my recent entrance into the internet ad experience."

• " I am happy to be listed on bankruptcyaction.com and happy to pay your small monthly fee."

• "I want to thank you for the good results that I have had as a result of the listing."

• "You have a great web site; it's generating lots of calls."

• "I actually spoke to another Website that solicited me for advertising, and I told them that they shouldn't even talk to me until they were able to offer their readers what your site already had online."

• "Your website is among the most productive and economical services to which I subscribe."

• "We have gotten at least 3-5 bankruptcies per month every month since we signed up."

• "Your site rocks! Double your fees next year."

• "Your customer service is AMAZING!"

• "Your site has been GREAT! I sent another office listing to you this morning."

• "I'm spending a lot of money on internet advertising, but I've seen an
increase since I have been on your site. You may be my best advertising dollar."

• "Your site is a great source for me." 

• "I have found your site to be one of the best drivers of business of all the advertising I have been doing."

• "You may be my best advertising dollar. "

• "I think you have dramatically increased my web traffic and I've seen an up tick in business. Thanks again."

• "Thanks for responding, this way I made sure it got done correctly. We love your site, very informative and we've gotten really great response from it."

• "I am very happy with your services. Can you think of any other ways I can optimize use of bankruptcyaction.com?"

More New Business

BankruptcyAction.com is a proven new business generator.

People in financial difficulty have discovered that the Internet is the perfect medium for getting bankruptcy information. It is confidential and when they find the right site they know the information is authoritative. Almost every debtor who visits BankruptcyAction.com will file bankruptcy.

Debtors Love BankruptcyAction.com

The best measure of how relevant and useful users find a site is how long they stay on the site. Website surfers are notorious for clicking on a site, having a quick look and then clicking away. Visitors, on average in accordance with Alexa.com, (3 month average in June, 2013) stay on BankruptcyAction.com to view 6.9 pages. This an extraordinarily high rate!

Alexa.com explains page views per user as follows:"Multiple page views of the same page made by the same user on the same day are counted only once. The page views per user numbers are the average numbers of unique pages viewed per user per day by the users visiting the site."

BankruptcyAction.com - Professional, Comprehensive and Authoritative

Our goal has always been to have a bankruptcy site that is professional, comprehensive and authoritative. You will never find "pop-ups"; "pop-unders"; 3rd. Party advertisements or banner ads on BankruptcyAction.com. We feel they are in bad taste, unprofessional and obtrusive.

Content is King - We strive to have the most comprehensive and authoritative content possible. Some of our key topics are:

• Bankruptcy exemptions for each state;

• Common Questions and Answers about bankruptcy;

• Alternatives to bankruptcy;

• A Chapter 7 Means Test Calculator.;

• Should a person use a credit counselor;

• An "Ask a Bankruptcy Lawyer" feature;

• An Application Form debtors can fill out and take to their initial consultation with their lawyer;

• A Bankruptcy Lawyer locator with lawyers in most states;

• Current bankruptcy statistics (We are notified the day the statistics are released and have them published on BankruptcyAction.com that same day);

• 10 Ways to get out of Debt;

• Selective Financial Calculators;

• Bankruptcy Dictionary;

• Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy;

• 60 second sound clips on common concerns.

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