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One of the things a bankruptcy attorney has to deal with in his or her practice is the misinformation given out about bankruptcy. Some of the worst offenders are the media.

These are some of the bankruptcy myths we have had to dispel.

BANKRUPTCY MYTH: I will never get credit again. 45 seconds.

BANKRUPTCY MYTH: My friends and neighbors will know I filed bankruptcy. 34 seconds.

BANKRUPTCY MYTH: I will lose everything. 33 seconds.

BANKRUPTCY MYTH: Only deadbeats file bankruptcy. 52 seconds.

BANKRUPTCY MYTH: I'm better off going to a non-profit credit counselor. 54 seconds.

BANKRUPTCY MYTH: Income tax debt cannot be erased. 55 seconds.

BANKRUPTCY MYTH: My spouse will be affected by my bankruptcy. 53 seconds.

BANKRUPTCY MYTH: Filing bankruptcy will put even more preasure on the marriage. 60 seconds.

BANKRUPTCY MYTH: I'll never be able to own anything again. 51 seconds.

BANKRUPTCY MYTH: There are too many restrictions if a person files a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. 51 seconds.

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