California Bankruptcy Exemptions - CA Bankruptcy Exemptions

California has 2 'systems' of bankruptcy exemptions.
You must choose one. Each has different exemption provisions.

California Bankruptcy Exemptions - §703

Homestead or burial plot


1 Motorvehicle






Tools of trade - professional books


Life Insurance - unmatured


Personal body injury payments (no including pain and suffering)



California Bankruptcy Exemptions - §704



Residential Building Materials


Jewelry, heirlooms, art


Tools of trade (Tools of trade (debtor)--amount of exemption for commercial motor vehicle limited to $4,850 - (debtor's spouse)--amount of exemption for commercial motor vehicle limited to $4,850)

Tools of trade used in debtor's and spouse's common trade, business, or profession (amount of exemption for commercial motor vehicle limited to $9,700)



Social Security Payments


Homestead $75,000

Homestead (debtor's spouse or a minor dependent living in the residence has no interest or only a community property interest in the homestead) $100,000

Homestead (debtor is a senior, disabled, or 55 years of age or older and has limited income) $175,000



NOTE: These are the major bankruptcy exemptions.
Check with your bankruptcy lawyer for a full exemptions list. on Google+

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