Hawaii Bankruptcy Attorneys

Hawaii bankruptcy laws are written to provide individuals who are buried in unpaid bills and unsecured debts with debt relief so these people can begin building their fresh financial future.

Under the HI bankruptcy laws there are two chapters of bankruptcy available to individuals seeking relief from their debts. Debtors may file chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Depending on your debts, income and assets you may not be eligible to file chapter 7 and you may have to file chapter 13 bankruptcy. Your bankruptcy lawyer can help you determine your eligibility for chapter 7, or whether chapter 13 would be more beneficial.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is for debtors with little income and no assets and provides a quick debt elimination option for a quick financial restart (your debts can be eliminated in as little as 4 months with chapter 7 bankruptcy.)

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a reorganization bankruptcy and is sometimes referred to as a wage earners' bankruptcy because debtors filing this chapter of bankruptcy must enter into a debt repayment plan and they must have the income to make the payments required for the repayment plan and also for their monthly expenses.

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