Michigan Bankruptcy Exemptions - MI Bankruptcy Exemptions

State Or Federal Exemptions Allowed

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Homestead - (if over 65 or disabled, up to $56,650)


Wearing Apparel

Household pets


Family pictures

Household goods


Other personal property


Motor vehicle


Fuel for comfortable subsistence of each householder and his or her family for six months

One computer and accessories


Crops, farm animals and feed


Tools of trade


An individual retirement account or individual retirement annuity as defined in section 408 of the Internal Revenue Code; and the right of the judgment debtor's interest in a pension, profit-sharing, stock bonus, or other plan that is qualified under section 401 of the Internal Revenue Code, or an annuity contract under section 403 of the Internal Revenue Code. (MSA 27a.6021.)

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NOTE: These are the major bankruptcy exemptions.
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