Missouri Bankruptcy Exemptions - MO Bankruptcy Exemptions

State Exemptions Only



Household furnishings, household goods, wearing apparel, appliances, books, animals, crops or musical instruments that are held primarily the use of the debtor and his dependents




Wedding ring


Any mobile home used as the principal residence


Professional heath aids for the debtor or his dependents

No limit

Motor vehicle


If the debtor is the head of a family, he may select and hold, exempt from execution, any other property, real, personal or mixed, or debts and wages, not exceeding in value the amount of $850.00 plus $250.00 for each of such person's unmarried dependent children under the age of eighteen years, except 10% of any debt, income, salary or wages due such head of a family. (Section 513.440.)

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NOTE: These are the major bankruptcy exemptions.
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