MS Chapter 7 and Mississippi Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

You can learn how bankruptcy laws can be used to help you by talking with aMississippi bankruptcy attorney. MS provides bankruptcy laws so debtors can receive an elimination of their debts so they can rebuild their financial future without the burden and stress of old debt they are unable to repay.

Mississippi Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most common chapter of the Bankruptcy Code. By filing chapter 7 bankruptcy you can get a discharge of your debts in exchange for a liquidation of your assets that are not covered by the MSbankruptcy exemptions. Most debtors filing chapter 7 have no assets that are not covered by the exemptions so chapter 7 provides a quick and easy fresh financial start.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Mississippi is also known as a reorganization bankruptcy. When a debtor in Mississippi files chapter 13 bankruptcy they will organize their debts into a simple to manage debt repayment plan. Debtors who file chapter 13 must have the income to pay into their debt repayment plan as well as the income to cover their monthly expenses. Because of this, chapter 13 is also sometimes known as a "wage earners' bankruptcy."

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