Montana Bankruptcy Exemptions - MT Bankruptcy Exemptions

State Exemptions Only


Homestead: 320 acres if farm, 1 acre outside municipality, 1/4 acre in municipality $250,000

Must record homestead declaration before filing for bankruptcy

• professionally prescribed health aids for the debtor or his dependent;
• federal social security or local public assistance, veterans' benefits,
disability or illness benefits;
• benefits paid or payable for medical, surgical, or hospital care to the extent they are used or will be used to pay for the care;
• maintenance and child support;
• a burial plot, and social security legislation benefits. (MCA 25-13-608.)


Personal property which are exempt up to a limited value may include household furnishings and goods, appliances, jewelry, wearing apparel, books, firearms and other sporting goods, animals, feed, crops, and musical instruments to the extent of a value not exceeding $600.00 in any item or $4,500.00 in aggregate value


Motor vehicle


Tools of Trade


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NOTE: These are the major bankruptcy exemptions.
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