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NH Bankruptcy

Filing New Hampshire bankruptcy can be a daunting proposition, however the bankruptcy laws can ease your stress and allow you to get on with your life with a fresh financial start.

When filing bankruptcy in New Hampshire you have the option of filing either chapter 7 or chapter 13. A NH bankruptcy attorney can explain the differences between chapter 7 and chapter 13 and how each chapter of the bankruptcy code will affect you.

Chapter 7 is the most commonly filed chapter of bankruptcy. NH chapter 7 is a liquidation bankruptcy because when a debtor files chapter 7 they must turn over any of their assets that are not protected by the New Hampshire bankruptcy exemptions. The assets will then be liquidated so the proceeds from the sale can be distributed to the debtors' creditors.

NH chapter 13 is a reorganization bankruptcy and when debtors file chapter 13 bankruptcy they must agree to a debt repayment plan with their creditors. A chapter 13 debt repayment plan will last from three to five years.

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