Oregon Bankruptcy Exemptions - OR Bankruptcy Exemptions

State Exemptions Only

Real property, mobile home or houseboat you occupy to $25,000 ($33,000 for joint owners); if you don't own land mobile home is on, to $23,000 ($30,000 for joint owners); property cannot exceed 1 block in town or city or 160 acres elsewhere; sale proceeds exempt 1 year from sale, if you intend to purchase another home


Books, pictures and musical instruments


Wearing apparel, jewelry and other personal items to the value of $1,800 for each spouse


Domestic animals and poultry kept for family use


Household goods, furniture, radios, a television set and utensils


Motor vehicle

$1,700 (wife and hsuband may double)

Professionally prescribed health aids for the debtor or a dependent of the debtor


Rifle or shotgun and one pistol


Tools of trade


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NOTE: These are the major bankruptcy exemptions.
Check with your bankruptcy lawyer for a full exemptions list.

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