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After Bankruptcy Lenders:

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The Lenders and brokers listed here will give serious consideration to your loan application, knowing you have completed bankruptcy or a proposal.

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The Bankruptcy Mortgage Book is written by Anthony Kirlew and John Immel.

Anthony Kirlew is a veteran mortgage & financial consultant and the Founder of Consumers Advantage Mortgage.  He has helped countless individuals and couples become home owners even after having had a bankruptcy. 

John Immel is a researcher and a writer with two decades of experience, and spent countless hours putting Anthony's years of experience into print. I Want A Low Rate
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About 20 years ago, the founders of sat down with some prospective homeowners to deliver news about their loan application. Worried and apprehensive because they'd been turned down before, the prospective buyers couldn't believe their ears when they heard the news – not only had they been approved, but they'd also secured a rate that was much lower than anyone thought possible.

Now, almost two decades later, has become one of the country's top mortgage companies – and we're still delivering the same good news to homeowners and prospective buyers from coast to coast.

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At Paramount Equity Mortgage, we are committed to saving our neighbors money.  We entered the mortgage industry believing that we could bring a new level of competitive pricing, speed of transaction, and ethical education to our customers.  We take great pride in serving the unique needs of each individual’s situation.  From the thousands of letters that we’ve received over the years, we know that our company is making a positive impact in our local communities and in our customers' lives.

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